Who I Am

I just hit my 40's.  I can't say I am excited about that, but I suppose it is better than the alternative. 

I have four beautiful children: Hayley Lauran, Jacob Christian, Amberlie Rain, and Breckin Monroe.  They are the highlight and joy of my life.

I work for the Department of Social Services, Family Support Division and have for over 17 years. 

I have one brother, Aaron, who is married to Leslie, and they have my only nephew William Taylor (aka Squishy Monkey).  I prefer to call him Will or Wills and even though I don't think they like it, they don't say much about it (at least to my face, HA!).

I am so weak. I am so prideful. I am so wicked.  Yet God loves me.  Therefore I am striving to walk in His word, His will, and His path.  This is my journey home.  Home is where we can lay down our burdens at His feet and enjoy His faithfulness and love.  Home is where we can relax and know that He is our savior.  Home.  Care to join me? 

UPDATE - 2011

The SAHM Journey
Before I even go further, I just need to say that I am not a creative type person.  Give me a subject and tell me to write and I can do it.  Just don't make me come up with it on my own.  Which is why my blog up to this point is so factual and analytical, rather than entertaining (read: boring). So the brilliant idea I had to stay at home with my kids will be taxing on me and the fam.  First is the financial strain, then the fact that I have to keep these kids entertained 24/7/365. 

As for the financial strain?  I truly believe that God wanted me to make the choice of my children over my job that was consuming my life.  Not only was it taking over 40 hours per week of actual work, but it was consuming my mind, causing stress and a bad attitude.  I gave my kids little of my time because when I came home, it was time to fix dinner, straighten up the house, do laundry, and dishes.  Then B would be ready for bed and I would literally almost pass out.  That is no life for a two year old, five year old, and a fifteen year old.  God laid it on my heart for several months to give up what I thought I had wanted and worked so hard for the last 18 years for, but I didn't know that was what was happening.  I know God will provide because we are following His plan.  He may shut some doors for us in order for us to find provision, but we will work through it.

So here I sit, wondering what I am doing and hoping that I can do what God has laid out for me to the best of my ability.  Thus this separate page on my blog.  What do I do with these children?  I have already learned several lessons from just three weeks at home.  I hope to record these to remind me where I started, remind me how far I have gone, and remind me of the fun things we did.  I recognize that I may be the only person who reads this page.  After all, I am an amateur SAHM.  But I am what I am and who I am.  This will help me record what we do, but most importantly it will fulfill my need of writing.  My hope is that my children will benefit from this journey we are on.  So, hang on...

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