Friday, March 18, 2011

So what can we learn?

So what can we learn from these women's journeys "home"?

That when we travel far from our promised land in God's will, we can turn around, and He will take us back.  Even when we are bitter from life's lessons, as Naomi was, He will welcome us back and even provide for us.  Although we don't deserve it, He is a gracious and merciful God.

That when we work hard and serve God wholeheartedly, that He will provide for us.  And He will provide through us.  

Providence is defined in the Crossmap Dictionary as "a superintending and forecasting care.  The providence of God upholds and governs every created thing.  Its operation is coextensive with the universe, and as unceasing as the flow of time."  God can't help but provide as He does care for each of us.  Sometimes WE find ourselves outside His providence because WE put OURSELVES there.  But as we learned from Naomi and Ruth, we can find our way back, and He will provide.  Not what we want, not what we desire, but what we need.  If we wholly focus on His will, then what we need will end up being what we want.

Thank you, God, that you know what I need even when I don't.  Thank you that you will take me back, even when I stray from your promised land.  Thank you that you will provide for me even when I don't deserve it.  And that no matter where I find myself today, your love and care is as unceasing as the flow of time.

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