Friday, June 17, 2011

Where was God?

When tragedies happen there are usually several responses.  There is rejoicing for those who survived.  There is sorrow remembering those who did not.  Some praise our God for His merciful hand.  Others curse at Him for letting this happen.  If anyone asks me "Where was your God?” I will tell them this.

He was in the hospital, holding the inner walls together.  He was in Grandma Avis’ house, holding the hallway walls over her in such a way as to keep her safe.  He was in the rooms of those who only had one room left.  He was in the bathtubs of those who took refuge there.  He was covering those who were terrified and crying out to Him.  And He was waiting there for those whose time had come, welcoming them with open arms if they chose to accept Him.  God knew this tornado was going to take parts of Joplin.  He knew that some would walk away and others would not.  He did not abandon Joplin, He poured His love all over it.  So many more could have been killed, but God spared so many people.  True, some perished, and our hearts and souls grieve for them.  But God knew each and every one of them.  He called them each by name.  He has provided for those who were called by His name.  And for those He spared, He has given another chance to do His will.  Why did Grandma Avis survive at the age of 91 when a 19 month old baby did not?  I don’t know and never will this side of heaven.  But God was not finished with her yet.  He is not finished with any of us yet. While we are still walking this earth, we must love God, love one another, and do His will.

He is still sovereign. He is, He was, and He always will be.  He is sitting on His throne.  That is where God is.

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