Monday, August 1, 2011

My attempt at being a SAHM

The jury is still out on my skills as a SAHM.  My house is not as clean as I had expected.   My husband's dinners are not always waiting for him when he gets home.  My kids still watch more TV than I would like and don't want to go outside.  Of course, who could blame them in this heat?  I'm almost glad they aren't playing outside, because then I would have to go outside. 

Today, though, I attempted to be Betty Crocker and an arts and crafts kind of mom.  I did learn a few things: 1) make sure you have all your ingredients before you start mixing your wet and dry ingredients and 2) make sure when you divide your dough that it is at least close to half and half.  The BC baking thing is not a complete disaster - it tastes good, just a little crunchier on the outside than they should be (but moist on the inside so that is a win!!)  And to prove I actually did do this, here are my funny looking little zucchini breads. 
One is with raisins, the other is without. 

Later in the day, Amberlie and I decided to be craftsy.  I have been saving little containers - from chips to koolaid containers - in order to have a stash when we wanted to try our hand at crafts.  Don't get me wrong, I had no actual plans or ideas.  Today though, we decided to make "instruments".  Amberlie began painting away while I gathered the other items.

After her paintings dried, she pulled the wrapper off the containers and we taped the paintings to the sides. 

She put the rice in one container, pennies (after she counted them - instant math lesson!!) in another, and the corn in the last.  We then taped the lids down.  We talked about which would be louder and which would be quieter and she put them in order.  Then she tried them out to see if she was right.

Now, it is time for jam session, as Breckin is up and ready to make some noise.  He wouldn't let me take a picture though...

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