Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I love Christmas.  The season, the reason, the decorations, the lights, the trees, the expectation.  Everything.  One of my favorite decorations is the nativity set someone bought for me 18 years ago.  It is breakable, and somehow has managed to mostly survive all four of my kids.  Only the donkey is missing an ear and the shepherd's staff is broken at the top.  Otherwise, they are still intact.  I have always wanted my kids to play with them, so they can reenact the Nativity story, but I would always watch out for them.  This year I finally figured it out, with some help from Pinterest.  I can let them reenact the story and ensure my breakables don't get broken.

Here is the Nativity set I made just for them.  It is durable and super cute (in my opinion), using fun little pictures of the scene.  I just bought some cute Nativity stickers, had the hubs cut up some blocks for me, painted the blocks, then mod podged the stickers.

Here is the final product.  Oh, if I could have figured this out earlier and saved the donkey an ear...

Okay, so I am no Norman Rockwell, or Van Gogh, or any other classic artist.  But I really like these blocks!

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