Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Date Night - January

January 1st came and Michael opened up his first envelope.  In my earlier posts about the twelve dates, I said I would be stepping out of my comfort zone.  Well, January's "date" made both of us step out of our comfort zone.

January was spa night.  Relaxing, soothing, smelling yummy hot bath...for Michael.  Relaxing, soothing foot treatment...for Michael.  A 35 minute full body massage...for Michael.  I didn't plan THAT right, did I??  He would probably say the same.  Ha, I'm sure it wasn't what he expected, but the laughs that came from the whole evening was well worth it.  AND there was a treat.  One we shared...yep, cream cheese filled chocolate covered strawberries.  THAT was well worth it. 

I promised the dates get better from there, but seriously, it was a good night.  Something he had never done before, so I can surprise him from time to time.  And I totally can make us both laugh like fools.  Win.

And sorry, Michael, I just told people...  :o)

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  1. It was well worth it for me, and I enjoyed every minute of it, even when I nearly drowned while you were treating my foot and it tickled. A lot of thought and love went into this, and I appreciate it (and you) so much.