Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dr Seuss Day, Snow Day #4, Orange Rhino #3

I decided to celebrate Dr Seuss's birthday today, even though it isn't until Saturday.  The kids would be back in school by then and we wouldn't have had the fun and the crafts and the reading time we could have if we did it today.

We started off the day making green eggs and ham.  The kiddos helped make it.

Then we had a "picnic" in the living room (since there was a foot and a half of snow outside) and read Green Eggs and Ham.

For lunch, we were inspired by Wacky Wednesday, even though we couldn't find the book and A helped me make silly hot dogs for lunch.

We read The Foot Book and One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.  Then did a craft using the kiddos hand prints.  Here is A's pic and craft, with this looking a little like her first mug shot with the tousled hair, funny face, and holding a sign.  Really she was making fish lips. 

Here is B's craft.  He fell asleep after the hands were traced and before they were all cut and ready to put on.

During the boys' naps, A and I made chocolate chip cookies and sugar cookies with Cat in the Hat's hat and 1 and 2 (for Thing 1 and Thing 2).  We read The Cat in the Hat and Oh the Places You'll Go.  The cookie pic is below and even though it was right on my camera, the blog insists on turning the pic.
Then the kiddos decided we needed to really act silly for Wacky Wednesday and put on their dad's underwear and tshirts.  Yep, those are his Christmas undies with lovely Christmas bulbs and yes, those are his undies around B's neck.  I'd make a face like that too B.

 Last we made spaghetti noodles to match the colorful designs on the front of the book Oh the Places You'll Go! 

Daddy read them 6 Caillou books and mama gave up.  I'm tired.  Thank goodness tomorrow is a school day, not a snow day. 
Thank you Dr Seuss for inspiring us, even after you left this life.
Thank you school board for having school back in session.
Thank you Orange Rhino for reminding me to track my triggers.  I didn't write them down yet but the majority were caused by a certain little guy and his sister fighting, punching, hitting and no one minding today.  I'm sure the spilled red Koolaid on the brown carpet didn't help, but I didn't yell.  I'm sure the messy house didn't help, but I didn't yell.  I'm sure the whining and not minding didn't help, but I spanked a hiney and I feel better now.  So does the child. 

Today was a success.  Today was tiring.  I am thankful for teachers who do this every day.  With at least 15 more than I have to entertain. 
“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”  ~ Dr Seuss (March 2, 1904 – September 24, 1991)

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