Sunday, December 29, 2013

August Date

August date consisted of a night of sports and food.  I bought a gift certificate to the local bowling alley/bar & grill last year for $25.  We drove up there and there were A LOT of people in the bowling alley section AND the hubs thought he was melting away, so we decided to eat first.  We sat in the bar & grill side and watched the MU/NC State game.  He ordered the Philly cheese steak sandwich and I had the tenderloin sandwich.  We both thought they were the. best. sandwiches. in a really long time. 

After trailing almost the entire game, MU pulled out a win in the last minute or so in the game.  About that time Rob came and told us there was a lane ready.  We bowled two quick games and I must say...I suck.  In the first game, in all but the first frame I had a 0 and something.  0 and 1, 3 and 0, 0 and 9, etc.  Which is okay.  Cuz then the hubs could beat me soundly and be entertained by watching me attempt to throw the ridiculously heavy bowling ball down the lane over and over and over again.  Good news?  I improved my score in the second game.  I think I even got over a 70.  Ha ha, yeah, I'm THAT bad. 

It was so nice to be able to drive 3 minutes home - local is good!!  Then we hunkered down to watch the Blues game.  They trailed most of the first two periods.  I was told that they pulled off a win, but honestly I wouldn't know.

Can't really beat basketball, bowling, hockey, and good food, all in one night.  And what was really cool?  That gift certificate covered all of it, except $.75 and the tip.

As for the rest of the dates - we can't do the June date until it is warmer as it is mini-golfing.  The course was under water part of the summer so we couldn't do it then and just didn't get around to it later.  We also can't do the November date at all because it was deer hunting. Michael hunts in Joplin the first weekend of the season and I was on my way to Thailand the second weekend.  That leaves October and December. 

Can I pull them off before December 31?  We will see!

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