Sunday, June 29, 2014

Goody Box

If I was a small child, the idea of a goody box would make me squeal at the treasures - candy, toys, stickers - I could find.  As an adult, I still squeal when I get a goody box, only this time it is either full of new Bible Studies or fresh veggies and herbs from the CSA.  

In the last two weeks I have gotten both.  So my cup runneth over.  

In this week's CSA goody box, 

I found the following:

beets, kale, red Russian kale, and Swiss chard


a green pepper, 3 cukes, zucchini, and two different kinds of yellow squash.

Plus herbs such as basil, dill, and sage.

I dried the sage (as I did the sage and basil from last week).  This week I used the fresh basil to make herb butter.  I already made basil butter, 

and after I go to the store to get more butter, I will be making garlic and basil butter.  Super excited to start using this butter on steaks after they are grilled or Italian bread or...whatever else I come up with!

To make the herb butter, use 1 cup of butter (salted or un-salted, up to you!) and 4-6 teaspoons of your herb, depending on how much herb you like.  If you are using multiple herbs, it would be 4-6 teaspoons total, not each.  I personally use 6 teaspoons.

We have had several zucchini and squash over the last couple of boxes, therefore I have been hunting for recipes so that we don't eat fried zucchini every day (ugh, my heart and pores clogged up at that thought).

This week, I have made the necessary squash chips.  This one is a no-brainer.  That is done first.  And third.  And fifth.  

This week I also tried my hand at pickles.  Over the last two days my mother and I made dill zucchini pickles using the dill from the CSA, sweet zucchini pickles, and sweet cucumber pickles.  

The recipes I used were from here:  dill and sweet.  For the sweet cuke pickles, we left out the turmeric.  We haven't tried any of them yet, but are hoping they are great!

Don't judge me about my cluttered kitchen!  I am still in the process of canning ~ getting ready to do some of these bad boys...

My mom prepared the green peppers so that next time I am feeling the need for fajitas, I can just pop them out of the freezer.  She also happily took the beets off my hands.  I wasn't feeling up to figuring out what to do with those this time.

But don't fret.  I'm still working on de-cluttering and "becoming minimalist".  And I am looking forward to the next box in two days.  

Shabbat Shalom {peaceful Sabbath} to you.

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