Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Books, books, and more books!!

We got our hands on some new books from Scholastic over the weekend.  Some of them are really fun and great reads.  One of Amberlie's fave new books is:

It is a fun little book about, you guessed it, Cinderella - with a little bit of difference considering she is a penguin.  

Breckin really liked this book (don't ask my why you have to turn your head - I didn't take the pic sideways...)

It is a fun little book about imagination and Daddy!!

One of my fave new books is an old, but good "classic".  Who can argue with:

(I even took this one a couple of different directions but no matter what, this silly page turned it sideways.  Does that tell me we are going to have a fun, sideways, imagination station kind of day?)

But last but certainly not least, the hands down absolute favorite fun little tongue twisting book for all three of us??? 

We simply LOVE the llamas!! 

The other books we received are pretty great too.  I think they may inspire us to make some pretty awesome pictures of our own very soon. 

Happy reading!!

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