Thursday, July 14, 2011

Library Day

Yesterday was library day.  I look forward to library day, it feels like my time to be "educational" rather than just a preschool entertainer.  I also like library day because the pressure is off, the kids usually find the computers and games, then look for books.  But the real reason I like library day?  I LOVE books.  I did find out that there are very few Christian fiction books in our library, at least of the authors I read.  And the ones they did have?  I had already read.  So I guess I will stick with my church library and my mom's church library for those books.  I did find a few good books though. 
You just really cannot go wrong with Veggie Tales.  Especially the ones that rhyme.  I am not going to lie, when I get to reading this one and I'm on a roll...let's just say I can talk really, really fast.  Love this book, def one of my faves.  The other three books we checked out for the kids were good, not fabulous, but okay.  Won't bore you with more details.

I did check out a book for me from the youth fiction section.  I am a fan of the early John Grisham books, not so much of his later novels.  But two of his newer books are youth books - those I dig.  I own the first one, Theodore Boone - Kid Lawyer.  Good read, not intense like the adult version, but enough excitement for this old heart that I read it really quickly.  When I got the email from B&N that JG had a new one out I was excited.  But as my good friend Dawn P pointed out, I can't keep acting like I am in a 2 income household.  So, sadly, I chose not to spend money on it.  So imagine my delight (and surprise) when I came across it in the library!  I started reading it last night before bed and am on page 152 of 217.

So now the dilemma is, do we do library days two times per week, instead of once every two weeks?  And do we take out the ten books the library allows at a time - who knew??

And to really get the creative juice (no, didn't forget the 's' - I am not creative), my good friend DP sent me an idea for a library bag.  While I don't plan to do that because I am not sewing machine inclined, I do plan to keep my eye out for a bag that Amberlie and I can do as a craft together, where sewing is NOT involved.  Thanks for the inspiration D!!  If anyone has any good ideas on that, please send my way.  Until then, I'll just keep reading my books and thanking God for this opportunity every day.


  1. Well. Rachel, your love of books come naturaly. Not just your mom, but your Grandma Frances. When we were kids, I think we went to the library every week to return books and get new ones.
    When it comes to a craft for you and Amberlie, if you have a Michael's or Hobby Lobby close, get a canvas bag and some glue on accents. Accents are usually felt or some other medium that would be fun and something Amberlie could do really well. Good luck. Love you all, Aunt Jerry

  2. Ha ha!! Aunt Jerry!! I just read this comment and I must say I was doing just that when you were posting!! Hobby Lobby was having a sale on canvas bags too. THANKS!! Oh, and I so miss Grandma...