Friday, November 4, 2011

DIY Island Project

So Pinterest has captured my imagination.  There are ideas I love, ideas I would love to try, and ideas I have already tried.  This is one of those ideas.  I tweaked it some.  I have included my link, but not sure if it will work from this blog:  I was planning on using an idea from another pin (see here: and tweaking it by only using two of the shelving units, but found the price of those shelving units had risen considerably since we last bought one ($45 each).  I started looking around and found at Hood's in JC a countertop that was only $20 for a pretty large piece.  Someone on Facebook in one of the Swap Shop pages had an old dresser for sale for $10.  So I snatched up the countertop and the dresser.  But I forgot to take a pic of the full countertop.

Michael cut the top of the dresser off as it was too tall for an island.  I sanded the dresser down to smooth out all the scratches, dings, etc. and painted it (and myself) black.

Michael cut the countertop down to where equal amounts hung over all around the dresser.  He also bought wood to put on the back and to add where the drawers were so I would have shelves.  (Isn't that nice of him to help out with "my" project??)  He also removed one of the wood pieces that held a drawer at one time.  Rather than four equal shelves, I wanted two smaller and one larger.  This is the back I painted.  I like it although someone whom I love dearly thinks it is cheesy...but I am the one who will be living with it.  I also bought a wooden cross from Hobby Lobby, sawed off the bottom part of the stand, then painted it and glued it to the back.

Michael bought some thingys from Lowe's that will go around the edge of the countertop.  So now all we have left is putting it all together.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that this weekend will be the weekend.  We have been so busy with Halloween, 5k, beautiful days, upcoming deer season, and life to get it all done timely.

The reveal will come in time.

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