Friday, October 28, 2011

The Crafty Side of Me

Unless you knew me 25 years ago, you would never guess I was an art student.  Yep, one of those....  I totally loved art and I was decent at it.  Drawing, painting, and yes even pottery.  I even took two hours of art my senior year.  Then life happened, I became busy, had children, hectic job, etc.  Now that I am a SAHM and thank you very much to Pinterest, I have found my inner artist.  No, I am no amazing artist.  I can't sit down and sketch people or beautiful pictures, I can't free hand paint like I used to.  But I have rediscovered my love for the arts.  And for now, I am sticking to easy and not so grand.  But that is okay, I am working my way up.  Here are a few of my latest.  Some took less than five minutes and really aren't artsy, but I am going to claim them anyhow.

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