Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Bible Study

I started a new Bible Study with Little Girl yesterday while Little man was napping.  I was pretty excited about starting it.  It is a 52 session study on people in the Bible.  It is meant for Sunday Schools, but can be adapted to Home School.  And before anyone gets in an uproar about the latest decision...NOPE it is not a decision I am making.  I am not up to the task of home schooling.  However, I am up to the task of studying people of the Bible with a little one. 

We started our study on Joseph.  Joseph had a big family.  He was his father's favorite son.  His father treated him special.  Joseph had dreams that angered his brothers and father about wheat bundles and stars bowing down to his wheat bundle or him.  It was a lot more in depth than that.  We learned a new song that God made our arms that wave and we will praise Him with those arms.  We also learned, "I'll praise you because you made me."  Psalm 139:14 

And then Little Girl's favorite part???  CRAFTS!!! 

We made people out of pipe cleaners or furry sticks as they now appear to be called (ha ha, who knew??).  Just like Joseph, we are a part of a family.  Don't ask why we have a cheesy goofy grin...I just don't know what that is about now.

Then we cut out and colored little mini mama and little girl.  And colored them.  I believe we use them in a craft later in this session. I really like that about this book, we may make something on day 1 that is used again later. 

Obviously, Little Girl is the brightly colored, interesting, happy girl on the left.  Mama is the gray haired chick with the Mizzou shirt.  Who knew?? 

We learned our song about our arms while putting these together.  We also learned that Joseph was important in his family but God had something even more important planned for his life.  We will hear about that more today and Thursday (not doing lessons on Wednesdays).

Super excited to continue with this Bible Study with my fave 5 year old little girl.  It is a precious thing to watch her learn more about these important people and what God has in store for her.

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