Thursday, January 19, 2012

My new addiction(s)

Let me just say, I have many new addictions.  I had no idea the craft bug would bite.  So my first one is doing crafts.  It bit, and it bit hard.  I love doing easy one with the babies - painting, coloring, stickering (a word??), etc.  I love doing a little harder ones, but hard is relative.  They wouldn't be hard for the die-hard arts and crafts person.  My second one is Hobby Lobby and Hoods.  They are way too fun and send the imagination soaring!  The third is Cricut machine, wood, paint, canvas, and scrapbook paper.  I am starting to accumulate scrapbook paper like crazy.  I use it for so many different things.  It's like crack (for other people, not me), I can't get enough.  For my mother, it is fabric, for me it is scrapbook paper.  Ha ha, I don't even scrapbook.  Lastly the Lifeway store in KC, but that is for another time.

Within my arts and crafts addiction comes the actual project addictions.  I love the star.  I have shown the star previously.  I made it for family members for Christmas and am a little sad that I don't have more to make.  They are super fun.  But I had a genius idea (in my opinion of course) so I now do have a few more I plan on making.  Can't spill that secret yet though, you never know who might read this!

My next fave is crosses.  I have always liked crosses, have several throughout the house.  The day I dropped Hayley off at the airport for her India mission trip I stopped in Lifeway with my mom.  Lifeway had these really cute crosses on their wall for sale.  I really like them, but unfortunately with only a part-time job, can't afford the price.  So my mind started ticking.  I could make crosses similar in design to the ones on the wall.  Sure, they wouldn't look as nice, but I am working on that.  After Lifeway, came the Hobby Lobby stop.  Sure enough, wood crosses, scrapbook, and other items soon found their way in my basket.  I have made 3 crosses, have two more to make.  These are addicting.  I am still trying to improve them with each one I make. 

The lighting isn't too grand on the last one.  No matter where I put it, it either appeared washed out (without flash), had a big flash reflection in the center (with flash), or had big shadows as above (in the "spotlight").  As I am working with these and learning how to perfect them, Michael is going to be inundated with crosses.  He is going to love me for that.

Cricut.  Now what's to say?  I became obsessed with it when I couldn't get my hands on one.  Now I have one and gladly the obsession didn't go away, just tamed it down a lot.  It is way fun to come up with things to do with it.   I have one project that just sat there waiting for weeks, actually months.  First for two sweet baby boys to make their appearance (and now they have!!!!!), then waiting on the Cricut machine.  The boys are here and so is the machine.  I was able to make something for them, hopefully their mama likes them as much as I do.  I can't show them until after the shower, just in the off chance someone sees this and tells their mama!

And what is addiction, if you can't share it?  Little Girl has gotten in on it as well.  She picked out a wooden plaque and her fave stickers at HL.  Yesterday she painted the wood (and it wasn't pink, WHO KNEW!!), then strategically placed her puffy stickers.  Below is the almost-finished product.  Daddy needs to add saw hooks to the back so she can hang it on the top bunk.  She is pretty crafty.  Love that girl.

Peace out.

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