Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I have another blog post I started a week or so ago on American Christianity that I haven't quite finished wrapping my mind around. However, I wanted to share this as it was so much fun.  I saw on Pinterest these cute little signs that showcased baby's name and birth stats.  As soon as I saw the signs, I knew I wanted to make them for my friend's new little bundles of joy.  I repinned the pic and waited for the "big day".  Finally, she had her precious boys and I had the info I needed.  So I grabbed my laptop and sat down to read the instructions.  To my dismay, since I hadn't bothered to read the instructions before, I realized there were no instructions.  The link was to a website where you could BUY them.  Oh, no, that wasn't happening.  So I did some looking around and figured out how I could do it myself.  Turns out I would need a Cricut if I wanted to make it easier.

The search was on for a Cricut, as I had enough Christmas money to buy one.  I searched and searched, then finally gave in and pursued one on Ebay.  LOVE IT!!

It took some trial and error on exploring the size of the letters and numbers, etc. and I feel like if I had more babies to do I could make them even better in the future. 

Here are the results, granted covered somewhat by a tractor, because I wasn't smart enough to take a pic when I was done. 

(It was addicting - so to all my way younger than me married friends out there - get preggo!!)

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  1. Yes, I am commenting on my own. DUH... I can make them for my OWN kids. How very novel... now, if I can just figure out their birth stats.