Sunday, September 9, 2012


Things are different now.  Michael, Amberlie, and I talked to Brother Greg last week and he outlined on paper why we are broken, why we need salvation, and how we can receive that salvation.  She was so completely attentive that I almost didn't recognize my bubbly, ADD-inspired, chatterbox.  But she was serious. 

After we left, we went to our Wednesday night activities, then we talked.  Talked about sin, punishment, death, life, gifts, and eternity.  And she was serious.

Today (Sunday, September 9, 2012) she took her tiny little self and she walked forward.  She looked so small next to her six foot one inch daddy I kept thinking, "How can someone so small know so positively that Christ died for her and that through Him she can do all things?"  Brother Greg said it.  God wants us to have a child-like faith.  A faith that really only children and special people have.  The one that doesn't get bogged down by the realities of this world, or even the non-realities of this world.  The kind that isn't marred by past experiences with humans that cause us not to trust anyone, not even our Maker.  The kind that doesn't question God's authority, but just knows it is, because it is.  Amberlie has that faith, and she is serious.

Someday soon, that little girl is going to be baptized.  She has already begun her new life as God's daughter.  When she is baptized it will be an outside reflection of what already happened inside her little precious heart. 

So now I am serious.  It is different around here.  I can't put my finger on it, but it is.  Maybe it is because while she is still just a little six year old kindergartner, she has made a big decision.  One some adults haven't even made yet.  Because of that decision, I have to make sure that I model good, Christian, faithful behavior.  She will be watching what it looks like to walk in Christ's path, to follow God's will.

She is still that fun-loving, silly child of mine that makes me want to hug her one minute and ground her the next.  But she is also now my sister in Christ.  And I take that seriously. 

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  1. Very wisely and well said! Love you both as sisters in Christ (blew my mind. I hadn't thought of you or my granddaughters as my sisters in Christ. Cool beans!! Love you MOM