Monday, January 7, 2013

40 days and 40 bags and more

I was reading online (I don't remember where doggone it!) about purging your house, cleaning it up, de-cluttering, whatever you want to call it.  Some are taking this challenge beginning 1/1.  I read it too late, plus was out of town for a day and a half so would have messed it up anyway.  So...I'm going to do this now, starting today (really late last night). 

It is 40 days until my 42nd birthday and what better present for myself than to do a 40 day and 40 bags (and more) challenge.  I added the more ~ I am going to try to get healthier again.  I did it 3 years ago, then broke my silly left foot.  Let's just say it went downhill and up to my backside since then. 

The challenge?  For the next 40 days I am going to get rid of one bag of stuff from a room.  Last night I started on the kids' room.  I ended up with half a garbage sack of trash ~ pictures they drew, papers from school or church, a few broken toys, wrappers or boxes from presents at Christmas ~ and a box full of stuff to either get rid of or put in their correct places!  I almost removed Christmas trees and decorations, as yesterday was epiphany.

I am going to attempt to remove a bagful of stuff from every room, the garage, the attic, and the storage shed every day until February 16, at which time I plan to rest (in a hopefully de-cluttered, purged, and clean house).  My biggest challenge will be my hubs and my kids who do not like to de-clutter, purge, or clean and don't like it when I do it either.  WISH ME LUCK!

During this time I will also be working on the backside, the side side, and the front side.  I will be riding the recumbent bike more, eating healthier, and doing the Vi shakes again.  I actually like them a lot, I just hated getting that ridiculous old blender out.  So for Christmas I got myself a little personal blender and I ADORE that little machine.  So had a shake for breakfast.  I feel better already knowing that I CAN DO THIS.  I've done it before.  Now, there seems to be a rage on FB to have groups where people are encouraging one another, reporting their exercise for the day, what they ate, how much they are losing, and saying one nice thing about themselves.  I have yet to find such a group, so I'm going to make my own group.  Here I am ~ today I haven't exercised yet, but hope to go to water aerobics tonight.  I started out with a shake this morning and some cranberry juice (I really like that stuff!!).  I know what I started out weighing, but sorry, not sharing that!!  I'll report more tomorrow. 

My nice thing?  I prayed to God at the beginning of the year to put a craving in my heart to know Him more and He put that desire there.  I really feel the desire to know Him more, to spend more time in His presence, and to be a better disciple.  That desire is the nice thing I'm going to say today.

So hopefully in 40 days, I can tell you that I got rid of a bunch of junk AND I lost some of me!

Peace out!

P.S. Please pray for Hayley and team as their travels continue today to Senegal.  As far as I know they are in Paris right now but will be heading to Senegal very soon.


  1. I found where I read it:

  2. Praying for you girl. I have to get rid of stuff when the kids aren't around and even be careful around Todd. They like giving things away but when they see the items it becomes tougher. When I do it inconspicuous then all is well and everyone enjoys the purged clean house. Especially momma!!!