Tuesday, January 8, 2013

39 and counting

You know those days that are good days, yet they are epic fails?  I always have them in the middle of a project.  Like when I'm getting tired, or I need that big bowl of vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup?  Yeah, well I had one of those days YESTERDAY.  On day 1 or 2, whichever, of the 40 days.  Ha.  I've never had it happen on the first or second day.  I was doing just fine in the morning, accomplishing what I need to accomplish then 11 a.m. hit.  I pick up Breckin at 11 and that pretty much stopped any and all forward motion.  I did get a few other things done, but small ones, and I didn't tackle a room or a closet.  I didn't get rid of a bag of anything.  Although I do have a partial bag of trash started.  I did a little crafting, but not much, finished nothing.  I did get the living straightened up and most of the Christmas decorations removed.  That's it.  Mondays are my lazy days.  The days when I recover from the weekend and the 4 crazy days before the weekend.  Maybe that's it.  I shouldn't have started Sunday night/Monday.  Today will be better.  Even though I will have three little ones afoot, it has to be an improvement over yesterday.  I am thrilled that I am keeping up (mostly) with the 3 devotions I committed to do this year plus the extra one I added.  Phew.

As for the less of me...I did really well until about 4:30 when I made the decision.  You know the one that can alter an entire evening for a whole household?  I decided we would have chimichangas for dinner.  I did at least make them with ground chicken instead of ground beef (man I love that discovery!!) but then you fry in a ton of grease.  Not the best idea I have had for dinner on a "less of me" challenge.  But they were good.  At least if I was doing it wrong, I was doing it in style.  I had planned to go to water aerobics after dinner, but instead I chilled in the recliner and "dozed" ~ I was completely aware of my surroundings, but I couldn't keep my eyes open.  Kids went to bed early, thank goodness, and I got ready for bed.  Ahhhh...sleep.  Nope.  I have a new addiction, or rather it has me.  Downton Abbey.  So I watched it on my Kindle with my ear buds in one ear (the other side is broken) until 10:30. 

As for my challenge day?  Epic fail.  But I'm still here, I have a fresh start this morning, and God still loves me anyway.  And that is the nice thing for today.  My God is head over heels in love with me.  And you.

Peace out.

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