Friday, April 12, 2013


So I have come to a point in my blog life when I felt the need to split my blog.  There are some things I want to share with the world and other things I want to share with my friends and family.

Don't worry, I'm not getting too big for my britches.  I don't have a blog that people all over the world are reading.  In fact, I have about 30-ish steady readers and I am pleased with that.  You have read about my goofs, my new adventures in staying at home, my on-my-knees moments when God is teaching me something new, as well as my new passion - human trafficking.  Some of my posts have had as many as 101 views, while another has been as low as 4, but my normal is 30-35.  No, I'm not touching the world with my words, but I might be sharing something that touched a few.  I am super okay with that. 

Very recently I made a decision that I started to share on here relating to trafficking and what my role would be.  I don't want to be one of those "flash in the pan" type of person that finds a cause and is outraged, then fades away into the night.  I want to devote my time and my effort to eradicating slavery and human trafficking.  I want to plant a seed here.  And there.  And over there.  I want to make the entire city of California, the entire county of Moniteau, and the entire mid-MO area aware that slavery still exists.  That 27 million of our brothers and sisters are enslaved in absolutely inhumane conditions. 

And to do that, I need a place to write, like a blog, a place to put my thoughts that people will read and maybe they will have that thought too.  Maybe they will want to join this fight as well.  I want to be able to post what I want and share it with whomever it needs shared. 

But I don't want to share my babies with the world.  So...

I am splitting my blog.  This will remain the family/friend blog where I brag about SAHM accomplishments, laugh at SAHM goofs, whine about boy poop (I'm so over it!!!), share my faith.  This is where I will have pics of my babies and pics of my friends. 

I will still blog about trafficking and fair trade from time to time here.  And sometimes I may link over to the other blog.  I won't be linking the other blog back here.

Some things are precious.  Sacred.  Mine.  And I don't want to share that with the world.  Maybe the world won't see my other blog, maybe I'll have fewer readers.  I am okay with that.  I still don't want everyone on the planet to have the opportunity to check out what I'm doing.  I've got kiddos to protect too. 


Check out my other blog here: if you are interested in trafficking and fair trade.  Just don't forget to come back here and check out the family as well. 

Thank you to all those who read my thoughts and love me anyway.  Or at least like.  Or at least still read.  I appreciate you!

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  1. You may have to text me when you put your blog thoughts out on either one of them. There ARE some days when I just don't get on FB at all! (Unlike today, where this is like my 3rd time on it!) Take care and keep blogging. I love your home posts, and I love that you are prodding me onward to look beyond my safe little world, and nudging me toward being more open against human trafficking, abortion, gay marriage, etc. And you didn't even know it! Keep it up, Sweetie! MOM