Saturday, June 8, 2013

Thank GOD for DMV ladies and tball shirts

I totally just want to go back to bed.  For a month.  I don't want to get up, I don't want to face the day.  I don't want to think, I don't want to work.  I don't want to cook or clean or eat.  I just have the blahs. 

Yesterday I didn't want to get out of my chair, just wanted to sit and do nothing. 

Then the lady at the DMV, that made my anger flash insanely and without good reason, told the bigs that they couldn't have their drivers' license or permit unless I came in to sign a paper.  How dare she disturb my melancholy blah-ful vegetative state.  I promptly got the littles ready and we drove the T.W.O. miles to the DMV.  I was still pouty and ridiculous, then someone said something funny.  So I chilled.  Then something else funny happened or was said.  Then I smiled.  In a matter of minutes I was even laughing.

Well, now that I was out and the sun was shining and the kids had been good and they are just so darn cute, I decided to run to Tipton to run an errand for the Queen Mother.  And since we were in Tipton, we might as well stop for frozen custard, right?  And gee...the park is right there.  An hour later, we were on our way back to Cali. 

Then it dawned on me I didn't know where As tball shirt was.  We tore that house UP looking for it.  All of us.  Except Jake who was hoping we didn't find it.  And B who is in his own little world.  After 2+ hours of searching, a few tears {mine}, and a lot of mom-bashing {again, me} I found it.   In a strange place that I know only God knew and helped me find.  Thanks for the prayers QM.  I know God wasn't concerned with the tball shirt, but he was concerned with my fragile state of mind.  The tball pics and game were a success.  She was completely clothed, made it in time, and completely participated.  You just can't beat tball night on beautiful summer nights.

Blahs are no fun.  But I think they are necessary, as long as we don't stay there.  So this morning, as I hold the blahs at bay for a while, I am going to clean house, listen to my jamz on my YouTube playlist, and thank God for DMV ladies and tball shirts.

Here is one of my jamz (yeah, not much jamming going on, but it soothes my soul and really that is what I need right now)

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