Saturday, July 6, 2013

June 2013, part 1

Wow time flies when you are busy!!  This is most likely going to be a long blog post.  I plan on catching up all in one post. 

So June started with my oldest big coming home.  She actually came home on May 31.  We had A's birthday party with her friends on Saturday, June 1. 

Hayley helped me pamper the girls with foot soaks, foot massages, and painting finger nails and toe nails.

Then they watched A's new Barbie movie.  She had a blast with her friends and Hayley and I enjoyed pampering them. Thanks Hay!
The next day we had A's family birthday party and Hayley's going away party at the same time.

A lot of people came - we had to move all the living room furniture out of the house in order to fit tables in for people to eat on.  At this point, the countdown was on.  We knew in 7 short days she had to be packed, ready to go, and we would be leaving Cali MO. 

 (even B got in on some gift action!!)

(I don't know where Spidey learned to climb walls in a dress.)

While the party was fun and we got to thank a lot of people for their support, we were anxiously awaiting Desmond's arrival.  And YES, this was THE ONLY pic I got of him the 40-ish hours he was here.  Shame on me!!  (however DeeDee got some pics!!)

 Family pics came next (thanks DeeDee!!) - I have NO DOUBT in my mind 1) Des wish he wasn't there 2) he thought we were insane and 3) he will check our schedule in the future should he ever make it to CaliMO again.  But he was a champ and we got some cute pics.  Here are a few - although these are mostly the silly ones - can't give it all away!!

 (awwww...aren't they cute??)

Desmond left then the days raced by.  A had her first tball game.

Hayley destroyed my living room while packing.

A caught her first fish and it was a big 'un! (with a little tiny fishing pole)

B caught his first fish and he was so proud!

Sunday rolled around and it was time to leave CaliMO.  Last pic of the four together until she comes home!

Kyli's dad praying for the team + Rachael.

The team - Rachel + Rachael

Hugging the babies goodbye.

And then she was gone.

But life goes on, even when your oldest baby goes away for six months.  So we ate at the same place we eat every single time we drop off...On the Border.  Oh yeahhhhhhhh...

After a scrumptious lunch at 2:00 in the afternoon, the littles and I went to Penguin Park.  I used to go there when I was a little.  They loved it (B didn't love it so much when he got stuck up high and wouldn't go forward or backward.  stinker.)

Their garden started growing.

A and I made strawberry jam for the first time ever.

B had his first tball practice.
All that, and we are only into mid-June!!!  If you think this was long, I am only through pics 1-201.  June has 562 total!
So I'll end it here and start a new one soon. 
Needless to say we have been so busy that we haven't had a chance to do the May or June dates.  I think we are going to have to do the May, June, and July together!
Cheers for a happy, healthy, and God-honoring summer!



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