Wednesday, July 24, 2013

June 2013, part 2

I'd love to tell you that June slowed down.  But it didn't.  It was as crazy in the second half as it was in the first.  WARNING!!!  This post is FULL of pics.

Father's Day was upon us and I did three HERO crafts - one for Michael, one for Roger, and one for my dad.  They were all a little different with patterns done differently and different pics, but I somehow managed only to get take pics of Michael's. 

Then I started being adventurous by canning chicken broth and making apple butter and strawberry jam!!  I became addicted!!  (Sorry the pic is sideways!!)

B met Herkimer and now all long crawly things are Herkimer.

B also decided he likes to draw flowers.  This was the first in a LONG line of flower pics.  Of course A can't pass up a photo op.

The skies were insane with all the rain and storming and color.  Yeah, this is the sky one night BUT I did have the camera set on vivid colors.  So while it was still super colorful, it wasn't quite this crazy!

A completely mastered the art of climbing trees as what you cannot tell is that she is at the tip top of this one.  Monkey.

B got a brand new big boy bike.  His first one!  

I canned salsa (but sadly not from my own tomatoes - YET)!!

B got the first of his letters from the mail lady.  She is a fantastic person and when B was leaving her pics in the mailbox, she started leaving stuff for him too.  You just can't beat Mrs. Wendy!!
The end of June we took a trip to St Louis to spend two days at two of our fave places - Six Flags and the Zoo.  This was the first time A and B went to Six Flags.  Due to the reading program at school, A got in free and thanks to the tons of Coke that Michael and I drink, the other four of us got in free also.  Yay for Coke rewards!!
See??  They DO love each other!!
A was spinning them on this ride.

Think maybe she was spinning them kinda fast??
Future roller coaster rider
Regardless of what his face appears to say, he enjoyed this ride.  Three different times!
Then the massive storm hit.  And we were stuck on the train - thought we were in a good spot since it is a covered train.  A started crying first.
Then it started raining sideways. 
Then B lost his mind when the lightning struck and thunder was all around us.
Needless to say we were soaked and they are still terrified about that experience, but they sure didn't let that stop them the rest of that day.
Mama, A, and B's fave ride ever.  The SCRAMBLER!!
Mama and B found Sylvester and Daffy!
Then we stayed at a hotel and swam that night.  Next morning, off to the zoo!  (And a lot of pics!!!)
A is always making faces!!  Just like her big Sis!!!
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

A climbing, B backing her up
B could NOT wait to see the elephants.  That is all he talked about!
climbed up to get a photo op
and climbing again...
dressed up like vets and checking out the xrays

climbed up on this backwards - seemed like a good idea at the time...

getting ready for the 3d movie.  mama took a nap
made the kiddos go on the train to show them it doesn't ALWAYS storm sideways when you are on the train.  this is B's nervous smile
climbing AGAIN (I think I am seeing a theme...)
I have no idea.  This just made me laugh.
B cracked me up with his hands on his hips while this crazy bird thing was playing chicken with him.
fighting AND climbing.  bonus!
Finally, they both made it up
the four monkeys
B's new scrunchy nose smile and As' silly smile
last thing of the day - "petting" stingrays and hammer head sharks of course!

except B can't just "pet" the shark, he grabs the poor thing by his fin!

after two long, HOT days of good times, the kiddos crashed out. 
and then June came to a close.  We had good times, we were with good friends.  We said goodbye to a kiddo for six months, and we clung tightly to the ones still here.  The countdown to Sissy's return began and every beautiful day gets us one day closer to her being home.  Good times, good times.

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