Monday, October 21, 2013

Future Flying Saucers

I am not a homeschooler.  Some days I wish I was homeschooling the littles, because I could teach them with our values and I could protect them from the kids who used to be their friends, but make fun of them now.  I could be with them and hug on them all day.  Other days I recognize that I am not really built that way - to have the patience or mindset that a homeschool parent must have.  Nonetheless, I read many a homeschool blog to give me ideas on ways I can help the kiddos with their school work, or craft ideas, or work during the summer to ensure they are always learning and not forgetting what they learned during the school year.

One such blog is Future Flying Saucers.  Anne Marie is a precious homeschooling mama, who does more than blog about her homeschool (although she does that really well!).  She also leads Bible Studies and has blog posts about faith.  Right now she is doing a series on boasting about God.  Once per week she has a guest writer who boasts on something God has done in their lives.  I tell you all this to say ~ today I am the guest writer.  So if you want to hear on how "in God, I boast", you can go on over to Future Flying Saucers (

I have been given much.  And because I have been given much I boast in the Lord.

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