Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Getting Ready

Seventeen days.  Man, now that feels like a loonnngggg time.  I wanted to be able to have plenty of time in country so it seemed like 10-12 days was doable.  And it is.  Of course it takes 42 hours on three days to get there and 39 hours spread over two days to get back.  17 days.  I'm gonna miss this fam!  To make sure they are fed though, I have been busy preparing food.  Don't worry ladies, I'm not starving them!  I cooked hamburger and put in separate packages for Hamburger Helper (gross!! but they like it), spaghetti, tacos, and burritos.  I fixed beef stew, chicken teriyaki, chicken and wild rice casserole, chicken pot pie, Mexican meatloaves, and tater tot casserole.  I even made up some frozen breakfast burritos, which required me to mix up a gross amount of eggs (really any amount is gross).  I even have a spreadsheet for the hubs that gives instructions on how to cook each of these and what else needs to go with it.  This man is set.  They will be able to eat every single meal at home with no fast food runs (sorry kiddos!!).  They will eat better than when I am home!

I can't get this pic to go the right way!!
So now that the food is ready, it is time to start mentally getting ready.  For those of you who know me, you know I detest flying.  There is really only one thing I can think of right off that I detest more.  Flying over water.  So now that it is 3 days away, I need to really get out of denial mode and start preparing my mind for the 42 hours of traveling.  So please pray that I don't completely whack out in the middle of traveling.  To keep my mind busy, I made sure to make this week as busy as completely possible.  I worked on helping someone organize on Monday, we had date night Monday night, we had a specialist appointment yesterday and I worked on some blocks for someone, today I am subbing at the elementary and will finish the blocks.  Everything I can do to not think about flying.  But now I really need to start thinking of packing.  I have to pack some clothes - not many as I need to bring a lot of Hayley's stuff home when I come home.  So I will hopefully be filling up the rest of my suitcase with peanut butter for the director of a rescue home I will be visiting and toys for the kiddos who reside there.  And crackers.  Lots of crackers.  Because if I won't eat the food in can better believe that Coke Zero and crackers will be for breakfast.  And lunch.  And dinner.  Yeah, I'm THAT girl.

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