Saturday, November 2, 2013

May date...seriously

You know how you start out the year with good intentions, then it all falls apart.  Yep, that was me.  And that was the "12 Dates".  Somehow, the hubs managed to open them every month and somehow we managed to not make time for them.  The last one we did was April.  Until last night.  Now, I have 5 more months to catch up plus try to figure out how to do this month's when I leave in three weeks (oh, I think I'm going to be sick...).  It should be interesting.  Jake is going to be babysitting a lot.  Good thing he owes me babysitting for the game I bought him last night.

So last night we did May's date - sort of.  May's date was pizza and a movie at home.  Except we eat pizza every week (ugh) so we went to our fave place - yep, B-Dubs.  I was even nice and let the hubs have full view of the majority of the screens.  Wasn't that big of me?  But frankly it was because the Blues were playing and I don't like hockey.  He does and they are his team, so I watched the ALDS game 2 where Boston is going to beat the Rays, a pro basketball game between Cleveland and Brooklyn (I didn't even know they had a team!!), and some guys analyzing football.  Not my ideal shows to watch, but hey it is sports and it isn't hockey, so I was good. 

We got the usual, with a little extra - ever had jalapeno poppers with cheddar cheese AND BACON??  Who knew??

Then we went home and watched Skyfall.  Sorry peeps, Daniel Craig IS 007.  I love Sean Connery but frankly since I didn't watch 007 movies til Daniel Craig came along, I just can't see anyone else in the part.  I'd love to tell you I loved that movie, but I kept falling asleep and I didn't see the ending.  BUT I loved what I saw of it.

The May date is complete - six months late.  Now I just have to catch up June, July, August, September, and October.  Phew...wish me luck.

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