Sunday, December 29, 2013

Fascination with toilets

Not going to lie.  I take pics of toilets in foreign countries.  Maybe even in my own country.  There is just something hilarious about them so I feel led to photograph them.  I have no idea why.  Except I can tell you that I completely appreciate American bathrooms.  I didn't know how much until my trip to London last year.  I love them.  I adore them.  If I ever live outside the US, I will pay for someone to build me an American bathroom.  Just sayin'.  And explainin'.    Ha. 

So I see this sign on a toilet door in Beijing.  There is a whole step up into the stall and I am amused by the instruction.  I thought "how nice that they provide places for baby guys to pee when their mamas have to go with them."  See below.  How thoughtful!

Nope.  Hayley tells me that some of the women in Asia don't use toilets, but use these to stand up or squat.  Wow.  I had never seen this before!

Toilet with a makeshift bidet in Chiang Mai airport.

Our bathroom at Hayley's house.  This particular one didn't have hot water, as in Thailand you have to have a separate hot water heater for each sink/tub. 

still Hayley's and my bathroom
And now it is out of my system.
Pay toilet in London in 2012 and the funny hand dryers (see last pic).

Okay, now I'm good.

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