Tuesday, December 31, 2013

{My word for} 2014

As I sit here typing the title for this blog post, I struggle.  I first typed 2013, I backed it up and then typed 2015.  I backed it up one more time and finally got that 4 right.  2014.  A year I honestly thought would never come.  It is going to be a big year.  A year of firsts and a year of lasts.  Wait...I had to backspace and change laughs to lasts.  But it will be a year for laughs, too, and I am sure a year for tears.  There are a few things I am pretty certain of, Lord willing, and a few that I will be surprised by.

In 2014, my last kiddo will graduate preschool (again!! they do it every year) for the last time, 3 days later J will graduate from high school, and 6 days later H will graduate from college.  A few days after that, H is moving to another state.  Which state that ends up being, time will tell. 

In 2014, my last kiddo will start kindergarten and my oldest will brave her way into the workforce.  J will start college and A will be in 2nd grade. 

In 2014, A will start either piano or dance lessons, or both, depending on who wins this one.  B will FINALLY be old enough to do swim lessons and tball in Cali in the summer and soccer in the fall.  He has been waiting HIS. WHOLE. LIFE. for this.

I know we will suffer losses, but I also know we will gain much more.

I am super excited for this next year and what it will bring.  I have so many expectations, so many things I think MIGHT happen that I won't even list here just in case...

So that leads me to my word for 2014.  If you have read some of my posts lately you won't be surprised.


I want to live minimally.

I want there to be less junk, less excess, less pride, less prejudice, less stuff, less stress, less of me (both figuratively and let's face it physically!!).  When there is less, when one lives minimally, there is always more.  More time with family, more time with friends, more memories, more blessings, and most importantly when there is less of me there is more of God.

So as we get ready to kick off 2014, I look back over the last 22 years.  Happy New Year, y'all.









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  1. Wow, what a fantastic post! Thank you for those memories! I remember so many of them, especially the first years. I hope you are successful in your desire to live minimally, as you seek to follow God's leading. May you be a blessing both to your family, and to those who associate with you. May some of your minimalism wear off on me....(maybe). Love, you, MOM