Wednesday, January 1, 2014

"May" in the Village

No, I wasn't in Thailand in May, you are not confused.  I apparently named H one of the most difficult names to pronounce in other languages.  I have giggled in the past listening while people struggle to say her name.  I guess for Thais, it is next to impossible.  They just don't have those sounds in their alphabet. Therefore she was given the Thai name "May". 
May spent the first month of her six month journey in a village.  She stayed with a lovely newlywed couple Mae Jon and her husband who I'll just call Dad.

L, Mae Jon, H, and "Dad"
H and L taught English to kiddos at the local school.  They also assisted with Bible Study in the evenings one night per week.  After their month long stay in the village, where no one else spoke English - what a way to learn Thai!! - they moved to Chiang Mai.  They continued to visit the village every Tuesday to continue teaching English and to assist with Bible Study.  It was so great to meet her "mom" and "dad" who opened their home to her and fed her.  Both of them are such lovely people. 

I really enjoyed watching L and H teach those kids.  They taught three different classrooms the day I was there.  It was incredibly remarkable to me to listen to the 4 girls speak Thai everywhere they went.  They did such a great job of learning it and I was so impressed.  But I'll let the pictures and videos speak for themselves.  They tell a much better story than I.

Cute little critter climbing around the walls in the classroom.  And I didn't even scream.

Here are more pictures of the village.  Just remember I take pictures of random stuff.  Doesn't mean there is meaning.  Doesn't mean there isn't.  Just means I am a girl with a camera. 

This lovely lady reminded me of the Robins' grandma.  She sat on her stool carefully weeding or caring for the plants (not sure which) that grew between her bricks.  She lives in front of Mae Jon and Dad's house.  You can see their house in the back.

Mae Jon and Dad's house
This is the king.  Everything in Thailand revolves around him.  Pictures of him are in schools, homes, hanging from elaborate signs in the streets, etc.  Thai people love their king.

the "old" kitchen area in the house.  I say "old" because this house is fairly new.

the new kitchen area - it had been in the house

the new kitchen area

her sewing area

the school complex

the school complex

this pic and the next 3 were lunch provided by the school for the teachers. 

what I ate

the kids getting snacks after lunch.  this is their cafeteria.


resting after school

this little guy had a crush on H.  he kept bringing her flowers.

the flowers the kids brought me


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