Saturday, February 8, 2014

Dating My Kids

Back in December, Michael and I had two brilliant ideas.  Mine was that we needed to start dating our kids.  His was we should start reading the Bible all the way through as a family.  Both were great and both started in January.  We have done a spectacular job of keeping up with both {so far}.  In January, Daddy and B went on their date.  They walked around at Shooter's Club and dad showed B how to shoot.  B was too scared to do it himself, but he enjoyed watching Dad.  They walked around some more, then went to JC and met A and I for lunch.  Afterwards they went to Lowe's and got a project to build together.

A and I started our day out helping at the food pantry.  Then we went to JC, had lunch with the boys, got her ears pierced, and went home to give each other mani/pedis.  

silly kids playing at the mall

scared to get her ears pierced

I'd say panicked at this point.

then happy it was all over

home pedi

working on her own nails

doing mine
working on his monster truck
 Today we had our February date.  First Daddy and B went to B's V-day party at Aurora Montessori.  They had a great time.  They also had a camera with no memory card.  Ahhhh...oh well, they will remember the fun they had.  

After the party, A, B, Daddy, and I went to JC to see Frozen.  Kids loved it.  Jury is still out as far as I'm concerned.  Then we ate at BWW.  Really nothing needs to be said here.  Just based on that alone it would have been a great day.  Had a great meal, then headed to Barnes & Noble where each kiddo got to pick out a new book.  We drove Daddy and A back to his car and they headed home.  B and I got a Frosty from Wendy's then I took B bowling for the first time.  That boy is a hoot.  He was super excited.  He would "throw" the ball (aka roll it gently) down the lane, then would drop to the floor, lean to the side and watch the ball go down.  All I can say is thank goodness for bumpers.  If I hadn't the bumpers for him, I would have had half the score I did.  I didn't even have good scores.  We were all tired, so we went home, where I got to fix A's hair for her date with Daddy at her school's dance.  

the kids love playing this game at the movie theatre (above and below)

BWW - one of the BEST. PLACES. EVER.

"reading" the book A picked out at B&N while A is playing at the mall

He was super excited to put on bowling shoes.

good job, B!!
Crazy kid did this nearly every time he bowled.  
or did this.  He is watching the ball roll down.
She wanted a sassy pose before her pose with Daddy.

These are great times.  I hope when they are older they can look back at these dates and days with fond memories and smiles.  Love dating my kids.

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