Monday, February 3, 2014

The Zoo, part 2

Higher up the mountain I went.  Loved the experience, even the walk, which was getting harder the higher I went.   Loved being stalked by some peacocks, too.  

The walkers got to go on this bridge through the rain forest rather than take the crazy curvy road that was coming up.  It was gorgeous.

And this guy met me on the other side 

This is actually the point where I realized I was going up the side of the mountain.  When I could look out over some of the taller buildings in CM (this is zoomed, the actual view is below.)

Albino montjac

The peacock who started following me...

Here is the peacock again.  I'm tellin' ya, he was stalking me!

Indian Rhino, the only one in Thailand.

More crazy peacocks

Then he started showing off

Then he ran past me like I was stalking him.

And he finally strutted away.

Zoo workers' truck

The monks enjoyed the zoo as well.  

And he is back.

Another gorgeous path through the rain forest

Overlooking the city

Near the top of this section of the mountain


The last stop on the way out.

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