Monday, February 3, 2014

The Zoo, part 1

I decided to go to the zoo one day.  I walked down there, it was quite a ways from Hs house, but not so far I couldn't walk there.  I had such a great time.  But note to self...when cars are allowed to go around the zoo, it might be a clue that either 1) it is a LONG distance around the park, from exhibit to exhibit or 2) you might be climbing the side of the mountain.  Either way, I didn't understand it until I was already half way around and by then it was too late.  Not like I could have driven, but I might have paid for the shuttle!  The zoo was great and by the time I was done I had walked enough miles to not worry about any caloric intake that day, maybe even that week!  Loved the zoo.  Loved the animals. 

backside of entrance

just beyond the entrance, before the gate

just beyond the entrance, before the gate

I'm turning into my grandmother ~ I take pics of FLOWERS!!!!!!

The zoo shrine

the elephant wall right inside the entrance gate

I took a pic of this as this is all that separates you from some of the cats or other animals.  Amazing.

yellow-crested cockatoo

some of the zoo workers (no, I'm not kidding...)

zoo garden (more pics of flowers ~ yikes!!)
well, hello!

kid playground in the Africa section.  brilliant idea.

again, so close to the giraffes.  I love that!

Common waterbuck

Another clue that I should have paid for a ticket on the shuttle...

Isn't s/he lovely?  

sticking his tongue out.  dromedary camel


this lovely was behind a tall fence.  i wonder if he had a temper...

another clue I was going up a mountain...the street vendors were below me

another beauty

what a cutie

African Crowned Crane

creek running through the zoo

this silly cat laid like this the entire time I was at the zoo, I checked back several times.  

Getting closer to the top of the mountain
looked like fun (the kiddos are in the balls) but I am too old for that kind of adventure!

Shrine by the water

Koala bear ~ isn't he adorable?

another kiddo playground in the zoo

he was just hanging out

he smiled for me!!

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