Saturday, February 1, 2014

Night Safari

I would love to tell you I went on the night safari, but alas, no I did not. I was able to go to the building/area where it begins and they had some lovely animals up close.  I was totally smitten with the elephant and the giraffes that were so close I could touch (but I did not, I wanted to keep my fingers).  The night safari is fairly expensive if you are a farang (foreigner) and I chose to spend my bahts elsewhere.  Just know that I have the biggest crush on these "little" guys.

These were just horses on the way to the Night Safari.

Sweet little guy in the parking lot.

The deer greeted us on the way up the street.

They let us pet them.  This is Kim petting one of the deer.

Cool tree.

The entrance to the Night Safari building.

You could even let your kids hold a tiger. thanks.  : )

Aren't the gorgeous?!?!?

So beautiful.

Loved this gorgeous guy.

Inside the Night Safari building

Inside the Night Safari building

Inside the Night Safari building

The roof of some of the buildings, with the sun beginning to set

The baby peeking over the top of his mama cracked me up.

Well hello!

This guy didn't move.  He stayed there the whole time we were there.

They were hungry!

 Such beautiful animals.  I loved them.  

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