Saturday, February 1, 2014

Life in the City, part 4: More sights

Here are more sights of Thailand.  There are a lot of temples in Chiang Mai, seems like they are everywhere.






Top of the temple and top of the ornate wall



Vendors on the street.  Every 5-10 feet was a new vendor and often a new food smell

The queen

The song tao driver had a little "god" on his dash 

The shrine people prayed to in the market near Hs house

Chiang Mai University gate
They decorate with lights for the King's birthday, like we decorate for Christmas

We <3 foreigner sign cracked me up 

Another temple

Police station

Ornate gate

Ambulance at the hospital

The shrine to the king and a pic of the king in the hospital

pharmacy at the hospital

another shrine

It was getting nasty out

ginormous bug

Pics of the royal family adorn the streets

I love the elephants

Now HERE's a bloody brilliant idea.

On the stop lights also

Food market

Food market

Food market
Food market
 Ta ta for now!  More to come soon...

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