Thursday, February 27, 2014

DIY mixes ~ Lotion bars and House Seasoning

Here are a couple more random "mixes" I do.  

Lotion Bars

This winter the cold, dry air has taken a toll on J's hands.  He works at Building Trades II with school on building a house and tearing sheds and another house down.  He messes with concrete mix and chemicals and sawdust and insulation and such, then washes his hands a LOT.  His hands have gotten so red and sore and we tried everything we could think of.  I know the pic to the left it is a little hard to tell that they are super red, but you can see the little bumps all over his hands that looked like, but weren't, blisters. The red line went all the way up to just under the edge of the picture.  

I ran across this recipe for a lotion bar, so I bought the coconut oil at Walmart (although it was cheaper at Shirk's) and the other two ingredients (almond oil and beeswax) on Amazon.

I didn't have a double boiler, but do have a metal mixing bowl, so I improvised.  I also only had one small silicone mold, so I tried it in the ice cube trays that go unused at our house.  I must say, next time I am going to put some lavender oil or something in it, because it doesn't smell great.  It doesn't smell horrible, just not great.  

At any rate, it cleared his hands up in two days.  Amazing!!

Here is the recipe:
  • One part Beeswax
  • One part Almond Oil 
  • One part Coconut Oil 
I used 1 cup of each.  That made the number of lotion bars in the pic above.  You can always make more or make less.

In a double boiler (or a metal mixing bowl on top of a saucepan), melt your beeswax slowly. When it is melted, add the almond oil.  It makes a funny white shape in it (it is supposed to) that you need to slowly stir to help melt.  Then add the coconut oil.  Once it is melted as well, pour it into your mold (or ice cube trays).  I actually chose to use a 1/2 cup measuring cup to do the pouring, I found it easier to not make a bigger mess than I did.  Let it rest overnight, and voila! 

Love these things.  When you first put them on they feel greasy, but the greasy feeling goes away quickly, unlike some lotions you buy that feel greasy until you give up and wash your hands. Just rub it in gently.  

Base recipe from Frugal by Choice.  

Warning: There is some language not okay for littles in her post.

House seasoning

1 cup of salt (I prefer sea salt)
1/4 cup garlic powder
1/8 cup black pepper (PD uses 1/4 c, but we aren't fans of pepper)

Mix ingredients together and store for up to 6 months.  I have an old big spice jar that I washed out and store it in.  Then I can just shake out the amount I want.

The base recipe is from Paula Deen.

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