Tuesday, May 27, 2014

May Dates

I already wrote about my May date with baby guy.  This is about the group date and A/Daddy May dates.  Apparently May is the month of dates, which is good, because somehow April snuck by with nary a date.

Sunday - air show - we took the kids to the air show.  I saw we because even though I hadn't planned to go, I went anyway.  And I was miserable.  I didn't feel well to start with - probably due to stress and lack of sleep and the previous day activities.  Then the temp exceeded 79.  Enough said.  Kids enjoyed it though.

yeah, she is sitting on his head

Then we went asparagus picking - this was by far the highlight of my day. 


Last, Daddy took A out for her May date since I had one with B earlier in the month.  They went to the races.  Crazy girl loved it and loved when she got mud all over her when someone crashed.  

 Man, I love these kids.

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