Friday, May 16, 2014

Road Trip in the Mountains

One of the last things I did in Thailand with Hayley was a road trip up in the mountains with her "mom" and "dad".  Lynne and Dreammy came with us as well.  It was cold season there, so it was in the 50s, but they were cold.  To be honest, we were pretty cold also, as we rode in the back of the truck.  The 7 hour trip was so worth it though.  We got to spend time with "mom" and "dad", some time with Dream, see God's creation, and relax.  We made some stops along the way and, of course, took pictures.

Dream was freezing, this was her attempt to keep warm

road workers out working on the road

we stopped at a random farm where they grew strawberries.  we got out and checked out the goods.  

Hayley's two moms

after a long trip, these girls were out.  in total, the trip was 7 hours.
I took so many pictures (surprise!) and we stopped at a couple of different really awesome places, and those pictures will be in a separate post. Thailand is such a beautiful country.  When I first got there, I thought I would never say this, but I would love to go back.  Who knew, right?

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