Tuesday, July 17, 2012

7 days and counting...

Seven days.  I need to get it together.  I bought a new suitcase last night.  Bright yellow.  Now I suddenly feel this need to get it together.  Michael just laughed about my color choice (could have chosen bright pink, super orange, or lime green in this style).  I chose yellow for MIZZOU.  Michael said I wouldn't miss the suitcase in the airport.  I hope he is right. 

We got so much accomplished today.  We watched a movie.  We read a book - that is all the attention span I was given from Breckin today.  We played at the park.  We crafted - Amberlie painted a wood block and her name and I messed up vinyl letters, but I got the memory star for my gram started. 

No packing.  No planning.  Just playing. 

And that is just fine.

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