Saturday, July 28, 2012

A beautiful day and a lost opportunity

What a gorgeous day.  Most of us hopped on the rail and the tube and spent the day in London.  Gorgeous places, gorgeous pics, gorgeous people, and one missed opportunity.

We (Belinda, Mary, and I) met James on the rail.  We were trying to figure out 1) where we wanted to go, 2) how to get there, and 3) how to read the tube map.  We weren't accomplishing any of those three.  He was such a splendid gentleman, he just asked what we were wanting and directed us the right way.  We got a couple of pictures of him.  Then I had this brilliant idea to talk to him - we would be praying later over our meal and I was going to ask him if there was something for which I could pray for him.  I decided to wait a few minutes, then another, then another...then it was gone.  Just like that.  I could have said something that would have made both our days go better.  Instead I had another missed opportunity.  That is what makes me so frustrated sometimes.  Instead of just going with it - I have to plan it.  Planning kills moments.  This is the second time I have done this (and felt HORRIBLE about it) in the last 5 months.  I am sure I have missed other opportunities, but only two have really jumped out at me, almost like a reminder of how I didn't do as called. 

But off the debbie-downer mode.  London is awesome!  Wish I had another day to make a go of it, but we don't.  I saw enough things to be satisfied, but didn't get to see everything I wanted.  We were so tired we gave up a little early.  I'm not sure I could have walked much further.  We saw Picadilly Circus (we think, we don't really know what it is), Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Thames River and Victoria Park (or something like that), St James Park, Buckingham Palace, and even ate at an English pub.  Belinda and Mary ate burgers with fried eggs on them. I almost gagged from the smell.  And I ate...wait for it...wait for it...come English pub??  Yep. Nachos!

Today has been a great day.  Tomorrow we get to worship and get ready for the awesome God-filled events the rest of the week. 

Prayer requests:

  • my baby brother
  • tomorrow's commissioning of the next 16 days of events
  • the next 16 days of events
  • preparation of hearts - both ours and those who will come to our events.
And on an amazing note, Bethany posted this on Facebook about last night: 

INCREDIBLE start to our Run the Race adventure! 6,500 in attendance last night for our Opening Ceremony. Combined worship service tomorrow with local churches to commission the upcoming events for the next 16 days! 120 USA volunteers have been serving their hearts out & really making an impact here in England!

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