Thursday, August 9, 2012

A new craft

So I'm totally excited to start a new craft with the kiddos today.  It is definitely a multi-day craft.  It normally takes a couple of days anyway, but then I am adding a 24 hour period away from home into the mix.  But I am impatient and decided not to wait.

I learned to make paper during my shift in the Arts marquee while in Chalfont St Peter.  A charming lady named Julia showed us step by step how to make it (although she did the first few steps at home first).  So Amberlie and I (and Breckin if he wakes up soon) are going to start making our own paper.  It will have a tint of gray unless we paint it or use colored paper.  We plan to make cards for friends and family using this paper. 

We already purchased the frames and the netting, just need Michael to put them together. 

Before we need the frames though, we need to shred the paper.  Julia tore hers up into small squares, but we are going to cheat and just shred it.  After it is torn up, we will put it in a bucket of water to sit for 24 hours.  When it has soaked for 24 hours, it will be put into the blender a handful at a time with a LOT of water, pulsing 10 seconds three times.  This is the paper pulp.

Then using a baby bath tub (or something similar), add about 3 gallons of water and 6 cups of paper pulp.  For each sheet of paper, add another cup of pulp.

Take a piece of netting and place it on the frame with the net and put the other frame on top. 

Taking the frames, dip them down and pull them straight up and let the water drain out.  Remove the paper from the frame and allow to dry - if super hot and dry like Missouri then it should dry in a couple of hours; in London it takes about 24 hours.

I didn't take a pic after it was dry (we were after all in London!!).

Julia said we could paint with food coloring and it would be vibrant.  Well, we will just have to see what we come up with this weekend we finally finish the project.

Julia also showed us how to make earrings.  Super fun!  I'm not an earring wearer, even though I have two earring holes in each ear.  But it was fun to make gifts.  And next payday or the one after that I plan on buying all the tools to do that as well.  I think Ammi will have her ears pierced by the end of this year if I let her make the earrings.  We shall see!

For now, I have paper to shred!  (And other crafts to work on!!)


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