Sunday, August 5, 2012


There is always something bittersweet about going home.  I spent the entire 26 hours I was getting ready to go home, actually going home, and two hours it took me to wind down after home just wanting to be home.  I couldn't wait to get it started and get it over with.  Then as I hugged my babies (3 of them) I was so happy to be there yet sad I wasn't in CSP anymore. 

I find that I really miss being there.  No, I don't miss the cracker meals or the super tiny "toilets" (aka restrooms) or even the six bunk bedrooms with the oh-so-friendly ginormous spider BUT I miss the people, I miss the spirit, and I miss the purpose.  I find that I keep thinking about how we can reach more Brits for Christ.  How long until I can return.  What my role will be. 

I told Michael I was ready to move there.  He told me we had to check out Puerto Rico first.  Then I told him if we did go to UK, we would have an immediate reno first, but that I thought he would love it.  He is a summer baby, I am a winter baby.  That may be why we stay in Missouri - part of the year I am happy and part of the year he is happy.  So maybe I won't move to the UK, but I know I will be returning.  I have such a heart for these people.  I knew before we even went that I was going to be touched by this mission.  I had a dream before I went that I returned as an actual missionary there.  The numbers are staggering - less than 5% of people my age and younger go to church.  I can't imagine not having Christ to turn to if times get rough.  Or not worshipping with fellow believers to get my week started off right.  Or not knowing where I would be going when this life is over.

I adore this area of the world that I got to experience.  But until God makes it clear what I am to do next, I am going to enjoy my babies and my family here in Cali.  I sure do love those kiddos and I am so glad to be home with them.  I look forward to the day I can share this beautiful country with them. 

So glad to be home.  Thank you all for your many prayers and all the support.  Please continue to pray for the United Kingdom and that the hearts and minds of the people will be prepared to receive the gospel.  And keep Run the Race in your prayers.  We may be home, but the work continues this week. 

The mission report service featuring the Mexico mission trip, the El Salvador mission trip, and the London mission trip is Sunday, August 12 at FBC, California.  I think at 6.  I hope to see you there so you can be blessed by what God has been working on.


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