Monday, January 6, 2014

Life in the City, part 1: House

After the girls moved from the village to the big city they lived in a dorm-like apartment.  I walked past it and H pointed it out, but obviously I didn't see any more of it.  They moved again shortly afterwards to Baan Kanoon, which is a four floor row house where a ministry (and a dear friend) resides.  They utilized Baan Kanoon to have church services each Sunday, do fellowship, develop relationships, and live.  The first floor consists of the kitchen, living room, and bathroom.  The second floor has an office, the third floor has two bedrooms and a bathroom.  The fourth floor has a massive bedroom, bathroom, and the deck/porch/thing that I took several pics from.  This deck/porch/thing is also where laundry is dried. 

The view around H's house

The lady across the street also cooked on her balcony - THAT's the word I've been looking for!!  Not porch/deck/thing that I have called it in a few posts.

H's house - first floor - kitchen and living room


We were in the process of decorating for Thanksgiving - don't judge.  And by we I mean they.

The second floor office/conference room area

View from second floor

I didn't take pics of third floor, but here is 4th floor bedroom and balcony.  I already posted a pic of the bathroom.

The street the house is on.  I took several pics, I loved this street of row houses.  So cute!

End of street, with a path to nearby markets and a 7-11.

Here it is, in all its glory!  H's home for many many months!












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